You can fill out an adoption application online on our official website.COURTESY LISTINGTHIS IS NOT A BULLY PAWS DOG. COURTESY LISTINGS ARE LISTED BY THEIR CURRENT OWNERS OR RESCUERS AND HAVE NOT BEEN EVALUATED BY BULLY PAWS.IF THIS DOG IS CURRENTLY IN A RESCUE OR FOSTER HOME, YOU WILL SEE THE CONTACT INFORMATION BELOW. IF THERE IS NO CONTACT INFORMATION LISTED, PLEASE CONTACT OUR REHOMING COORDINATOR AT STEPHANIE@BULLYPAWS.ORG. Single Grey Female Looking for Love Do you like to snuggle? Are belly rubs your idea of a good time? Do you like romantic walks through the park? Do you have a fenced yard? If you answered yes, then look no is your girl. Gracie Lou Freebush (aka Miss Congeniality 2009) is looking for a home where she can be your one and only. Ms. Freebush is a beautiful 8 year old pit bull that loves snuggling, walks in the park and bully sticks. Gracie Lou is extremely good with kids and adults. She's the perfect nanny dog for my 6 and 11 year old nieces and has been excellent with my 4 month old son. The only people she barks at are the mailman and delivery people. She has excellent house manners and does not need to be crated. Honestly, she's managed to get out of the locked crate so many times and is so well behaved that we just don't bother anymore. Give this girl access to a window and she's entertained for hours. She is a proud graduate of basic obedience classes with OffleashK9 and knows a variety of commands to include: sit, down, come, stay, shake/nice to meet you, up, place/bed, clean your feet, stop licking your brother, fetch, no jumping, manners (meaning to sit for attention) and drop it. She has an excellent grasp of the English language and understands concepts like 'downstairs', 'get out of the kitchen' and sometimes pretends not to understand 'time to go inside'. Gracie is currently spoiled rotten and has full reign of our house. This includes sleeping in our bed and/or couch. Thankfully she is very polite about it and will ask permission before jumping up. And most importantly, she has never hogged the covers. It sounds crazy to give up such an amazing dog and we're absolutely heartbroken about it but Miss Gracie Lou needs a home where she can be the only animal. She currently lives with another 3 year old dog who is a total jerk and she can't stand it anymore. We rescued Gracie over a year ago and were told that her owner was surrendering her due to the fact that her other dogs kept attacking Gracie. Unfortunately this means that Gracie Lou is fear reactive when put into close quarters with assertive dogs. Gracie is absolutely fine in daily situations such as when on a walk but cannot live with another dog in the home. Gracie should not go to dog parks or other social situations where other dogs will be in close quarters. Because of her great interest in rabbits, squirrels, and ducks we strongly suggest that no other animals are in the home. A fenced yard is an absolute requirement as Gracie has been known to help herself to an open door and go on a walkabout to the nearest squirrel tree. Gracie has no major medical issues. She is up to date on all vaccinations, microchipped and is heart worm negative. She is on preventatives for fleas/ticks and heart worm. 3/28/18 5:41 PM

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